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How do I rid my tree of insects?

Proper treatment begins with diagnosis. We can help you determine what the bug, or insect, is. Once the insect is identified, it can be determined if it is harmful to the tree, beneficial to the tree, or has no effect whatsoever.

  • Insects are drawn to unhealthty trees
  • Not all insects are bad for a tree
  • Proper identification is the key to treatment

Some insects are beneficial, because they control populations of harmful insects through predation or parasitism. It is in your best interest to keep them, so you want to avoid any treatments that take out the good bugs with the bad bugs.

Some of the Bad Insects

Gypsy Moth caterpillars are a major insect pest to oak trees. Introduced in the 1860’s, these insects damage the foliage of Oak trees.

The Emerald Ash Borer was introduced through shipping material (pallets) in Plymouth, MI in the early 1990’s. This notorious beetle is destroying the Ash forest in the United States.

Fortunately many insect pests & diseases can be treated and controlled today.

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Tree Removal

Mt. Vernon Tree specializes in large tree removal.

We have the knowledge, experience, & expertise to safely remove trees in the most difficult locations.

Plant Health Care

We employ the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technique of controlling insect pests and diseases.

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Large Tree Moving

Large trees can be installed for privacy screening, shade or natural beauty.

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