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Tree Planting & Tree Moving Service


  • Specimen trees
  • Evergreen trees
  • Deciduous trees
  • Trees for their flowers and Fall color
  • Shade trees
  • Trees for privacy

Moving existing trees that are on your site is a great value. Mt. Vernon Tree has 3 tree spades to fit your tree-transplanting job.

Our Tree Moving Equipment Includes:

  • 42″ Spade on a rubber track loader
  • 65″ Truck-mounted spade
  • 90″ Truck-mounted spade

If one of our tree spades cannot access the tree, Mt. Vernon Tree can also move trees by hand-digging.

Trees can be moved from one spot on your site to a different location on your site, or from one site to another site down the road.

Landscape trees installed for privacy screening, shade or natural beauty are all available from Mt. Vernon Tree.

All different size trees are available depending on your needs, time-frame and budget. Large trees can create a “Wow!” factor on a property and can often match the size of existing trees on a site.

A wide variety of trees are available:

  • Evergreens- Blue spruce
  • Pines, Fir, & Hemlock
  • Deciduous – Red Maples, Crimson Maples, Ornamental Beech, Japanese Maples, Oaks, Lindens, Locust, Flowering Pears, Serviceberry, Witch Hazel, River Birch, Viburnum, and others

ISA Certified Arborist on staff. Licensed & fully insured.

Member ISA and MGIA

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Tree Removal

Mt. Vernon Tree specializes in large tree removal.

We have the knowledge, experience, & expertise to safely remove trees in the most difficult locations.

Plant Health Care

We employ the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technique of controlling insect pests and diseases.

Learn more about IPM on our Plant Health Care pages.

Large Tree Moving

Large trees can be installed for privacy screening, shade or natural beauty.

Learn more about large tree moving.